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Mature content
Always :iconclotipheebs:ClotiPheebs 103 25
TMNT - Turtle Tots - Dinner Time Fiasco
        Master Splinter stood at the island counter in their kitchen, scooping algae and worms onto plates for his sons. The disgusting green goo and wiggling worms made his stomach churn as he prepared their meal. For five years he’d been eating algae and worms with his sons, to ensure their health and satisfy their turtle nutritional needs, but he desperately missed the home cooked Japanese food his deceased wife Tang Shen used to make for dinner.
        As he spooned the dollops of food onto their plates, his oldest son, Leonardo, stood behind him and twirled his bald, pink tail as if it were a jump rope. Master Splinter chuckled as his sons chanted the lyrics to Nawatobi no Uta, a traditional Japanese rope-jumping song, and heard the soft falls of feet patter the floor each time one of his sons jumped. They often played jump rope when he prepared dinner, each taking turns being the tail spinner.
:iconjaboon:Jaboon 32 22
TMNT - Uptight
       “Again,” Leo barked angrily.
       They’d been training for hours in the dojo. They were all sweating profusely and their legs felt like jelly from repeating so many katas. His brothers stared at him warily. Leo’s shoulders were tensed and his mouth was set in a thin line. They knew he was stressed about their most recent run in with the Foot and had been acting uptight and moody since. It was really starting to grate on Raph’s nerves.
       “No Leo, not again,” Raph growled, tossing his sai’s behind him and lunged at the young leader. “I’m done with your shit Leo.”
        Leo’s eyes widened as Raph crashed into him, pinning him to the ground. Leo’s swords clattered on the floor just out of reach. Raph’s eyes flashed dangerously as he balled his hand into a fist. Leo struggled against him, but Raph’s s
:iconjaboon:Jaboon 119 37
TCEST - Babysitting
Parenting Chronicles Prequel
Warning: TCEST 
Pairing: Donnie & Mikey (Don't like? Don't read!)
Summary: While babysitting for April and Casey, the guys discuss the possibility of adoption
Ages: Donnie - 25, Mikey - 24         
Author Note:
Turtles are not biologically related
        They stood on the fire escape outside their friend’s apartment. Darkness had fallen not too long ago, providing a feasible cover for the orange and purple ninjas. Don knocked softly on the glass to let the people inside know they’d arrived. Moments later, the maroon curtain was pulled aside to reveal Casey Jones.
        The blue eyed man was wearing a white button up shirt and black tie. Casey grinned and slid open the window to let them in. When he stepped back it was clear to the reptil
:iconceruleanbound:CeruleanBound 55 38
TCEST - Pillow Talk
Warning: TCEST 
Pairing: Donnie & Mikey (Don't like? Don't read!)
Summary: Donnie and Mikey love spending time together
Ages: Donnie - 22, Mikey - 21         
Author Note:
Turtles are not biologically related
        “Do you remember when we were younger and you’d threaten to dissect me whenever I bothered you?” Mikey asked spontaneously.
        The two turtles were relaxing in bed and talking after a long day of training and patrolling. It had been a pretty slow night topside, which meant Mikey and Don spent most of the night playing ninja tag and making out under the stars. Now that they were home, the sea green turtle was lying on his carapace with his arms bent behind his head, looking up at the cracked ceiling. The olive turtle was stretched out on his p
:iconceruleanbound:CeruleanBound 24 8
TMNT T.O.T: Family pt. 9
Thurston McRoy lead the four turtles down a long and dark sewer tunnel with only their only light coming from the dimly lit lantern in Thurston’s hands. Looking around, the teens could see that the structure of the walls were crumbling significantly. This tunnel seemed to be falling apart and it was a little unnerving.
A cracking sound could be heard and Mikey looked up. A large chunk of the ceiling fell and he screamed while jumping back just in time.
“Oh yeah, that happens,” Thurston acknowledge and chuckled.
Mikey looked at his brothers horrified. They had the same look but seemed to get over it quicker than Mikey did. “What?! Dudes?! The sky is falling!” He yelled.
“Well, you better hurry up then!” Raph called back.
Mikey carefully maneuvered around the large stone and caught up to the group.
Thurston stopped at what seemed to be a dead end and turned to face the turtles. “Here we are! Sewer Sweet Sewer.”
“Um, I think we t
:iconkessadawn12765:kessadawn12765 2 0
Wakey, wakey
Warnings: Mentioning slash, turtlecest, incest. OC child. AU. Fluff.
Pairings: Leo/Raph.

"Papa? Papa? Pa-pa-pa? Papa? Papa?"
Raphael groaned. Reluctantly opened one eye as the little hands continued to pat his cheeks, small voice chirping the slowly but surely familiar name.
"What?" he muttered. Tried to shift closer to Leo, away from the cheek-patting.
But the little one squealed happily as his papa finally answered him; chubby arms hugged Raphael, and he felt the child nuzzle him.
"Moooooornin'~!" Yoshi chirped brightly.
Raphael felt how Leo's body was quivering; which meant his husband was obviously trying to not laugh. Or coo, or whatever he wanted to do but tried not to.
Either way, Raphael wouldn't give him the satisfaction of looking at him.
"Mornin'," he grumbled back at Yoshi. Petted the pale green head. "Papa wanna sleep more, kiddo. Go an' bother yer father instead."
"But fathe' awake! Wakey, wakey, fathe'!"
And Yoshi crawled over Raphael, causing the dark turt
:icongemidonnie:GemiDonnie 49 22
Mature content
The Dare Games :iconscoopgirl:ScoopGirl 16 23
TMNT x Reader - Damned (Halloween special)
{Warnings: Slight use of bad language [If you consider 'damn' and 'hell' bad words]. Also, not part of the warning, but this takes place before season 3, as to avoid spoilers.}
(A/N: Hello ladies... and ladies [and dad...]! I have a TMNT [2012 version] x Reader for ya. Now, I don't want to keep you waiting, but this story is based off of a game I saw a few YouTubers [Minx, Gassy Mexican, Seananners, etc...] play. I'll tell you more in the description below! Also, I might add alternate endings in different parts [Not saying there are going to be more parts], but if you prefer the romantic endings, then I can write a Leo x reader, Raph x reader, Donnie x reader, and Mikey x reader alternate endings. Sorry for the long author note, but I hope this story can make up for it!)
In the sewers somewhere in New York City, a young girl was walking down one of the tunnels, excited to see her friends that she met a few months ago. (F/n) (L/n) was her name, her (h/l) (h/c) hair was ne
:iconvampirechik111:Vampirechik111 80 2
Mature content
RaphXReader My Brother's Whore 7 :iconeternallove56:EternalLove56 175 73
Mikey x Birthday! Reader- Mikey's Gift
You sat upside down on the couch watching Space Heroes with Leo. “That is really annoying, ________” he said, his eyes still glued to the TV. You shrugged. “I get to do whatever I want! It’s my birthday!” you said with a smirk on your face. Raph pushed you off the couch and sat in your place.
“HEY!” you said as you glared at him. “Oh were you sitting there? I didn’t know” he said, smirking. Donnie came in with a helmet made of metal. “I made a helmet for Metalhead!” he said with such pride. You scoffed.
“Hey guys, I got the cake and pizza!” April said as she walked in with her cousin, who was carrying a tea party set. You grinned. But then your grin turned into a major frown, you hadn’t seen your boyfriend all day! It was like he was avoiding you. You walked into the kitchen where Splinter patted your back. “Happy birthday, __________” he said.
You nodded. You opened the freezer to see
:iconimatmntgal:imatmntgal 84 37
Mature content
TMNT- American Leo :iconimatmntgal:imatmntgal 8 52




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